Thursday, January 13, 2011

What do I do with all these Christmas cards?

I was cleaning and organizing the house yesterday and of course I came to the pile of Christmas cards, you know the ones you just can't throw out. I mean how can I throw Aunt Julie and her family into the trash?

So I started to think, I love these cards but its just not practial to keep them around (hanging on the fridge, etc.) all year.

Just then the blogging fairy answered my prayers!!! I was reading one of my favorite blogs Organizing Made Fun and there it was...the perfact answer to my question, What do I do with all these Christmas cards. It was amazing!! Becky offered some great options.

So for our family we have decided to do the prayer book. I LOVE this idea, its so right up my alley that I couldn't resisit. I am going out today to buy an inexpensive photo album that we can reuse every year. This will now be one of the Johnson's Christmas traditions. It makes getting Christmas cards even more exciting!!

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