Saturday, January 15, 2011

Germiest Spots in Your House Challenge!

I saw this article this morning and I decided to check it out. Of course my house is SO clean that I should have no problem breezing through this list saying check...check....haha, think again.

So after reading that list

1: Vacuum Cleaner Brushes and Attachments-
I just got a new vacuum but I will clean it none the less

2: Handbags or Diaper Bags-
Oh wow I have never cleaned my purse or diaper bag??

3: Credit/Debit Cards-
nope never even thought about cleaning my debit cards, Dave Ramsey says NO credit cards and we at the Johnson household faithfully listen :) We LOVE Dave Ramsey!!

4: Blinds-yeah I fail miserably at this one and have been trying to figure out a good way to tackle this.

5: Yoga Mats-
hate to admit this but I should keep my yoga mat way more clean then I do.

I realized that I am a cleaning failure when it comes to the germiest spots in my house.  So I though over the next week, 5 spots in 5 days that I would challenge myself (and you) to clean up these germey spots so we can all feel a little cleaner.

So game on....get to cleaning one of those germy spots today and upload or comment about your success. Or if you think that another germy place in your house needs attention post that too, I can always use suggestions.

Lots of Love

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What do I do with all these Christmas cards?

I was cleaning and organizing the house yesterday and of course I came to the pile of Christmas cards, you know the ones you just can't throw out. I mean how can I throw Aunt Julie and her family into the trash?

So I started to think, I love these cards but its just not practial to keep them around (hanging on the fridge, etc.) all year.

Just then the blogging fairy answered my prayers!!! I was reading one of my favorite blogs Organizing Made Fun and there it was...the perfact answer to my question, What do I do with all these Christmas cards. It was amazing!! Becky offered some great options.

So for our family we have decided to do the prayer book. I LOVE this idea, its so right up my alley that I couldn't resisit. I am going out today to buy an inexpensive photo album that we can reuse every year. This will now be one of the Johnson's Christmas traditions. It makes getting Christmas cards even more exciting!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!

Well today is a pretty great day for me. Today will be the first day that my family and I get to delight in the fact that our freezer is packed full with great, home cooked meals!!

My grandpa...otherwise know as P.A (who is my wonderful cooking buddy) and I spend all of Saturday shopping and cooking a months worth of meals. It was our first time doing once a month cooking (one of my bright ideas). I often think my dad thinks I'm crazy and never knows what I am getting him into but he is always a great sport and this was no exception.

My Dad and I Up North

We began at 8am on Saturday morning....we had planned a shopping trip the day before (which is highly suggested) but my little Emma was not having any part of a nap or mommy planning anything, so that planning didn't happened and the shopping didn't get done on Friday night.

At this point I was starting to get worried. Was I in over my head? But instead of freaking out I just went with it.

We finished our shopping trip (2 stores and breakfast later) at 11am. We arrived home and where started by 11:30. We cooked a total of 50 meals. At the end of the day, around 7:30pm (it took this long due to lack of organization, but it was out first time so I thought it was great!!) My wonderful husband, who had been watching our little one all day, arrived to pick me up and could not believe what we had done. We went home and then the best part happened, we got to stock the freezer with all of our hard work!!

My Freezer!!

It was the most amazing feeling in the world, not only to be able to do that all in one day but to also be able to stock my freezer (I have a standard size freezer in case you where wondering) with healthy meals for my whole family.

This is the book that we used to guide us through the process.

Let me just tell you what an amazing tool this was, we NEVER could have done it without this book.

Now I am not going to tell you that it wasn't A LOT of work and that I wasn't really tired at the end of the day but it was SO worth it to be able to find something else to do with that 1-2 hours in the afternoon that I normally spend prepping and cooking our meals!!

Today's extra time is going to be used to do some cleaning and organizing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Learning to blog...

I am learning to is the first day. I have so many good ideas I just need to learn how to share them. to learn all the new things!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Did It!!

Ok so I have been thinking about doing a blog for a LONG time and well today was the day. I have had so much inspiration and feel like I am finally getting my act together enough to give it a go. So what is this blog going to be about? Well just like to title says....its a day in the life (Liz) and of course everyone who is involved with my life (relationship chart to follow later :)

So this is my first post with lots more to I have so many ideas swirling in my head.