Saturday, January 15, 2011

Germiest Spots in Your House Challenge!

I saw this article this morning and I decided to check it out. Of course my house is SO clean that I should have no problem breezing through this list saying check...check....haha, think again.

So after reading that list

1: Vacuum Cleaner Brushes and Attachments-
I just got a new vacuum but I will clean it none the less

2: Handbags or Diaper Bags-
Oh wow I have never cleaned my purse or diaper bag??

3: Credit/Debit Cards-
nope never even thought about cleaning my debit cards, Dave Ramsey says NO credit cards and we at the Johnson household faithfully listen :) We LOVE Dave Ramsey!!

4: Blinds-yeah I fail miserably at this one and have been trying to figure out a good way to tackle this.

5: Yoga Mats-
hate to admit this but I should keep my yoga mat way more clean then I do.

I realized that I am a cleaning failure when it comes to the germiest spots in my house.  So I though over the next week, 5 spots in 5 days that I would challenge myself (and you) to clean up these germey spots so we can all feel a little cleaner.

So game on....get to cleaning one of those germy spots today and upload or comment about your success. Or if you think that another germy place in your house needs attention post that too, I can always use suggestions.

Lots of Love


  1. I cleaned the vacuum cleaner Monday. With three pets it was nasty! Pet hair got trapped in places and just pushed around the house. I'm thinking about getting a new one this year, and I know you just got one. What did you get?

    Cleaning your blinds isn't that hard. I've tried two methods. One, the Swiffer Duster. While this works great on fans I'm not going to recommend it for cleaning your blinds. Use a wet wipe, the cleaning kind. Not the one for your kid. We buy our at Costco, they come in a three pack. They are easy to store and you cannot beat the price. I wear gloves for cleaning my blinds now. The blinds can tear right through the wipes and into your skin, so be careful. (Maybe we just have craptastic blinds?)

    You don't use debit cards? I went to school in Detroit for a year. Credit cards are easier to replace than cash. And easier to clean. Wet wipe again. (I would say my wallet is worse than my purse, and no diaper bag for me.)

    What about phones? I take my phone everywhere. And I do wipe it down every now and then, but I don't think my husband does.

    So you'll be over to clean my place tomorrow, right?

  2. I just got the Dyson Animal....and even though it's is SO worth it. It's expensive up front, but there are no bags or filters to buy (you wash the filters) so that saves money. We have two dogs that shed and the vacuum is wonderful....I was skeptical about the Dyson and all the hype but I did some research and because it's asthma and allergy certified I decide to get it....and it don't regret it one bit!!

    Thanks for the advice on the blinds, I have used the swifter on them and is doesn't seem to clean them very well. I will try the wipes and gloves :)

    Phones...that's a great one!! I will add that to my list and will also clean my phone at work.

    Keep me up to date on your progress....maybe some before and after pics :)

    We don't use credit cards...only debit cards...but I never thought about cleaning that's on the list for this week.